Personal Projects

Apart from daily work, I built several personal projects that allows me to try different ideas and new features that are rarely seen from clients' requirement. And they can be built with latest technology in mind: Swift, AutoLayout, CloudKit..etc.


NicoBox (2011, Acquired by Dwango Co., Ltd at 2014)

A music player based on the community of VOCALOID, (A software to produce human-like vocal) where creators can compose any music they like, join by illustrator and PV makers. Distribute through niconico’s services.

NicoBox is a app that can creates your playlist, add any songs you like and take it with you on the go. This is before the trend of Subscription / Streaming music services.

A corresponding backend services (PHP / Node.js) was created for calculate Rankings and achieve video to music conversion.


DunkShot for Dribbble

A client application for Dribbble - a designer showfloor where everyone show off projects they’re working on. User’s can login their account and checkout any designers they followed.

DunkShot is originally created as a Objective-C iPhone application, and expended to iPad and migrated to Swift as development goes. It also showcase a fully RESTful API implementation.


Canvas for Photoshop

A companion tools for Adobe Photoshop.  Photoshop was used by many UI Designers, and Canvas can help them by providing a live-view on their devices. They can get a feel of the visual on the real devices and adjust it on the fly. This is done by a socket-based, Photoshop’s Remote Connection API.

Canvas also support Apple Watch app for prototype,  and Photoshop’s Artboard feature in recent updates.


Insight - Sketch file viewer

A file viewer for Sketch (by Bohemian Coding). Since Sketch v43, an open format was introduced. Insight use this new format and provide preview of Sketch files.

They can open the file in the app or open it from any applications where it supports “Open with…” actions. 


Cabinet (macOS)

A toolbar tools for macOS. Bring easy access and export to Photos Library and allow users to set the resolution they need, drag and drop it to any other apps.

This is created as a experiment of macOS apps.


Work reference?

There are other portfolio that will only show by request, please contact me if you are interested.